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NEW 800 deep draw Manifold

New Imperial® 800 series deep draw vacuum manifolds Best for R-410A evacuations
he The four valves – vacuum, low side, high side and refrigerant, are individually connected and controlled for efficiency, with no need to switch charging lines. A 3/8” vacuum port evacuates four times faster than ordinary manifolds. Soft-seat valves require only fingertip pressure to completely close. Full open to close is one full turn. Precision gauges have easy to read color scales and provide superior resistance to shock, vibration, and pulsation. Models that include hose feature Imperial’s Polarshield™ Hi-Performance hose - UL® approved, 800 PSI working pressure, 4,000 PSI burst pressure. Packaging options include a retail clamshell or commercial boxed style.

  High Res (1.3 Mb)          Low Res (561 kb)



210-F Deburr Tool

210-F Deburring Tool

Designed to deburr a wide range of materials from soft copper to cast iron, the 210-F features a rotary style blade and large ergonomic handle.

High Res (1.35 Mb)          Low Res (140 kb)





210-F Deburr

210-F Deburring Tool (close-up)

The rotary style blade is made of durable, high-strength steel and is perfect for removing burrs from holes and straight or curved edges.

High Res (2.27 Mb)          Low Res (518 kb)


TC-1050RH Ratcheting Tube Cutter

Unique tool in which the tube cutter can be removed from the ractheting handle. Designed for 1/8-inch to 5/8-inch outside diameter tubing, and has a minimal clearance radius of 1 ¼-inches.

High Res (5.17 Mb)          Low Res (985 kb)



TC-1050RH Ratcheting Tube Cutter - Illus.

Line art illustration demonstrating the Tube Cutter's ability to be removed from its handle.

High Res (432 kb)          Low Res (90 kb)




464-FH Heavy Duty 180° Tubing Bender

Accurately bends tubing up to 180° in stainless steel and other tough metals. The 464-FH is designed for 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. outside diameter tubing.

High Res (3.14 Mb)          Low Res (985 kb)





Internal or External Retaining Ring Pliers

Designed for a wide variety of internal and
external automotive and mechanical retaining
ring applications.

High Res (2.75 Mb)          Low Res (787 kb)



700-Series Kwik-Charger® Service Manifold

Features a patented built-in control valve that
charges refrigeration systems up to eight times
faster than conventional manifolds.

High Res (4.05 Mb)          Low Res (457 kb)



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470-FH Tube Bender With Roto-Lok™ Action

Roto-Lok action allows this tool to bend tubing 90°, rotate and lock into a new position, and bend the tubing up to another 90°.

High Res (4.6 Mb)          Low Res (214 kb)


Cam-Lock™ Retaining Ring Pliers

Imperial CamLock Convertible Retaining
Ring Pliers for the HVAC, automotive,
general industrial and DIY markets.

High Res (5.05 Mb)          Low Res (237 kb)


Two Valve Manifold in Forged Brass

Provides service technicians in the HVAC, automotive and general industrial markets with heightened levels of efficiency, durability and reliability in a cost-effective manifold.

High Res (4.76 Mb)          Low Res (186 kb)


Stride Tool® Corporate Logo

Stride logo stacked

High Res (1.34 Mb)          Low Res (401 kb)


Imperial® Corporate Logo

Updated corporate logo in black and gray with Imperial's new tag line: Dependable Under Pressure™.

High Res (4 Mb)  

Low Res (262 kb)

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